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Managing Director and Founder

David Green
David has over 20 years experience in Financial Services IT, working as an independent consultant with blue chip companies including Commercial Union, NPI, Barclays Life, Woolwich, and Norwich Union before founding Point Solutions in 2001.

What's our Point?

At Point, our mission is to reduce the cost of developing, selling and administering insurance products. So we've brought together a winning combination of domain expertise, technological know-how and low risk revenue share pricing model to produce Insuranto®, the global online insurance platform. Here at Point we want Insuranto® to become THE online platform of choice for selling and managing insurance products.

Our Values

Our entire focus is to deliver value to the insurance industry. We are passionate about the practical application of technology for the insurance sector and we believe that you CAN have high quality solutions quickly, cost-effectively, and at low risk to your business. We are 100% dependable and we never let our clients or each other down.


Point Solutions has been providing high quality e-business solutions to companies operating in the Financial Services Industry, both in the UK and mainland Europe, since 2001. We are a profitable, privately owned company with a customer base of large multinational financial services companies. We are self-funded, but always interested in talking to potential partners or investors. Please contact us to find out more.

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