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Flexible Distribution

Insuranto® gives you total distribution flexibility: Get any product into any region, in any language or currency, via any channel.

Insuranto® is being used by multinational insurers in the UK, Spain, France, Romania, Germany and Sweden. It can be used as a front end for internal admin use, to reach partners via your corporate extranet, white-labelled for your affinity sellers, direct to customers via the web, or to interact with portals via standard messaging.

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Transform your  e-business with Insuranto

As a leader in e-commerce you understand that bringing insurance products to market through your e-channels can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. That's why Point has developed Insuranto® - the world's most powerful and flexible online insurance platform.

Insuranto® gets your products online quickly, with no fuss and no major investment in systems or technology. It's a fully-featured scalable platform giving your channels and users a comprehensive administrative front-end for the full product lifecycle - from Quotes and New Business through to MTAs, Renewals, Claims notification and Cancellation, with full document production and reporting. And it supports any class of insurance business.

Insuranto®, the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform from Point is the answer for Insurers, Brokers and Managing Agents, for all your e-business channels. Insuranto® provides you with a low-cost, high quality and fast route to market. Launching high quality products in new markets, wherever they are in the world, couldn't be simpler or more cost effective.

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