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Insuranto for Systems Integrators

Develop new products from scratch, test and deploy using Point's deployment platform.

Training and Support

If you would like to use Insuranto® IDE, it comes with full training and support for any of the options above. Contact us to find out more.

Build it your way

When you sign up to Insuranto®, it's all covered - from getting your products online, to monthly reporting together with all the operational tasks - adding new users, refreshing reference files, backing up your data and so on.
But if you prefer to keep more control, Point has a number of options available for you.

Insuranto for End Users

If you want Point to get you up and running on Insuranto® but administer products yourself, we can give you the tools to change your ratings, tweak your documents, add new options to lists or administer user access.

Insuranto for Developers

Use Insuranto®'s powerful IDE to modify your forms, build a new look and feel, develop new reports etc etc

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