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HTML5 Web Forms 2.0 support

Insuranto® now provides the ability to handle the new input types associated with HTML5 and the Web Forms 2.0 proposals. Browser support for these features is growing and it is anticipated that these features will be commonplace in a business environment within the next year or two. This underlines Point's commitment to using and promoting standards based approaches to software and systems integration.

Internationalisation performance improvements

This release includes several performance enhancements to the dynamic internationalisation of Insuranto. The cumulative effect of these enhancements is considerable leading to an order of magnitude improvement in dynamic conversion. Insuranto® internationalisation includes support for double byte character sets, right-to-left layouts, local date and currency conventions, time zone support and mid-flow language selection.

Release 1.1
14th April 2010

Point has today released version 1.1 of the Insuranto® platform. The main enhancement involves the deployment of AcuoWeb version 2.1 on to the platform. This brings the following updates:

SAML 2.0 security option

This release adds a 4th way to authenticate users in addition to the existing database, LDAP and signed handover options already available. Insuranto® can now be configured to act as a SAML2 Service Provider, which allows a corporate security model to be extended to externally hosted systems without exposing sensitive data.

Improved mobile device support

This release provides an improved white labelling layer (a.k.a. 'skin') implementation that better supports the needs of small displays. It has been specifically designed to support Apple's iPhone and iPad technology as well as other devices such as Android based smart phones.

Various minor changes

This release also includes a number of minor changes and enhancements to the email system, calculation engine, document generator and reporting systems.

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